Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Upholstered Toy Chest

Remember that I said I have short attention span? The biggest problems this causes me in my crafting is that I get a project started, get bored, start another, then see a really cute idea, and start another project, think of something else I've been wanting to make, and start another project. The result is that I am currently in the midst of about 8 projects that are halfway to mostly finished. My goal is to get at least a couple finished this week. Hopefully I can keep myself focussed for that long.

I thought I would share one project that I have managed to complete. I came across this beat-up old trunk at DI and thought it would make a great toy chest for Mara's room. Karl did all the hardware removal, sanding, and painting since I'm not in any condition to do that stuff these days, but I upholstered the top, so I can claim some credit. Let's call this a joint effort. Don't I have a great husband? I wish I had taken a before shot, but I didn't, so just image a navy blue trunk that has been completely beat-up and covered in stickers. Okay, do have your mental picture? Here is the result:

I like how it turned out, and now the toy issue is under control. Well, I'm off to make some buttoned scarves.


Ryan and Jessica said...

Wow Shari you're so creative!! I wish I had that talent. I love seeing your work.

Lloyd said...

I meant to tell you what a great job you did when we visited last week. This is beautiful toy chest for Mara. Great work!!! You and Karl make a great team in lots of ways.
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