Monday, March 30, 2009

Down to the Wire

The final project I wanted to get done before Baby "K" makes his appearance was completed this morning. Whew! That was a close one considering he will be arriving by c-section tomorrow morning at 8:00. So, here is the last project I had planned for the Amy Butler fabric...

I LOVE how this turned out. It is so roomy and so stylish. I found the tutorial at A Mingled Yarn. And she did a fabulous job on the tut. Very clear directions.

There are 10 pockets in this thing! Can you believe that?! There is a large zipper pocket on the back, 1 on each side, and 2 in the front.

Then there are 5 more on the inside.

There is plenty of room to keep all this stuff that I made to coordinate with it, and it isn't even starting to fill up. But somehow it isn't big and bulky like a lot of diaperbags.

(nursing cover, changing pad, diaper and wipes pouch, and baby sling)

Of course, I can never leave a pattern "as-is." I always have to make some alteration. This time I kept it to a minimum. Rather than using the vinyl lining, I thought I would use a regular cotton lining and then cover it with clear plastic vinyl, the same way you use a stabilizer. I attached the vinyl to each lining piece before sewing it. Not too big of a change, right? I DON'T recommend doing this! It turned out great, just the way I pictured it, but it was a pain the the butt to work with. It took me WAY longer to make than it should have. Will I learn my leasson and just follow the patter next time I make something? ... Probably not.

I am so excited to use my new bag. The great thing about this messenger-style diaperbag is that it doesn't just have to be just a diaperbag. It could be used by anyone for anything. So versatile... so attractive.

I've made a lot of stuff for myself recently, but I figure I've worked hard to get this little guy here. I deserve it!


Mauri said...

Shari..WOW! so cute! you really have got that sewing thing down! i love it! AND i didn't know tomorrow was the BIG DAY! HAVE FUN SPENDING TIME WITH THAT NEW LITTLE GUY! i'm excited for you.

Lisa said...

That turned out great, Shari. I am sure you will get plenty of use as well as many compliments out of it. Way to go.

Missy said...

I love it all! Can I just buy one from you instead of making it? hehe.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Very cute bag! thanks for the link :)