Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a Pirate Party, Savvy!

This party was a blast to put on! It was for my son who was turning 8. The invitations really helped set the mood

This was the walkway up to the house

Inside the door was a large treasure chest for coats, boots, etc.

I had the soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean playing and there were skulls, bones, treasure, and snakes everywhere. As each boy came in he was given a pirate hat and an eye patch.

The Captain got to sit at the head of the table where everyone had hotdog boats, gold fish, tropical fruit on skewers, treasure (chex mix with candy), and rootbeer.

The centerpiece was an opened treasure chest that held the first clue to our treasure hunt. (We did the hunt last. The treasure they found was their own treasure box favors.)

This was the awesome cake that my mom made for the party. Whatever other talents I may have, cake decorating is not one of them. Thank you, Mom!

This was the sign on the bathroom door because they are 8 year old boys and I just couldn't resist.

One of the games we played was Pass the Pretzel. Each boy got his own hook to wear and they divided into two teams. They had to pass the pretzel from one hook to the next all the way down the line.

They also had to walk a plank blindfolded and had a cannonball war.

There were two ships in the room, each with a Jolley Roger flag hanging behind it. They divided into teams and were each given a stack of scrap paper. They wadded up the paper threw "cannonballs" at each other. They loved it!

The captain got to sit up in the pirate ship to open his presents while all the rest of the pirates sat on the floor. I think he felt pretty cool being up higher than everyone else.

This party was a huge hit, and so fun to do. Hope you got some good ideas for your next pirate party.


Stacy and Justin said...

What a fun party, seriously!

David and Jana said...

Oh my goodness Shari, so darn cute! I love it.