Monday, May 11, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

We will be blessing Baby K in a couple of weeks, so I am naturally thinking about what he should wear. I've had something different and handmade for each of my other kids.

I made this outfit and blanket for my first son to be blessed in.

I made this for my second son.

This beauty was made for my beautiful little princess, but not by me. It was made by someone much more talented than me.

Look at the amazing detail on this thing. Isn't it gorgeous?!

I pulled them all out the other day and it got me thinking, "Am I wasting my time making another blessing outfit for Baby K? I have two perfectly fine outfits to choose from right here. They've only been worn once. The next one I make will just be worn once and then packed away like the others."

Then my other side says, "All the other kids have their own special outfit, he deserves his own. And I have been wanting to put them out on display somehow. If I don't make another one, I won't be able to do that." So I am torn. I'm definitely leaning towards making another outfit, but I'm just not sure.

So here are my questions for you:

1. Should I make him his own outfit or just use one of the others?

2. Do you have any good or unique ideas for displaying the blessing clothes?

Please comment. I need some good advice.


Natalie said...

Make him his own!!!

Debbie said...

shari, you're so good at it...make him his OWN!!!

Mauri said...

i would say make him one too..although I know it takes time he will appreciate it when he's older.
i don't know if natalie wants me to share her great idea but I swaw at her house where she has teh kids pictures in a row with a cute hook and the blessing outfits haning beneath. I'm not sure if she wants us all copying (sorry natalie) but since I saw that I have been DYING to do that in our house.

Shari said...

Okay, you all talked me into it. I'll make him his own. Mauri - thanks for sharing Natalie's idea. LOL. I was actually thinking of something very similar to that.